Friday, November 9, 2007

Trusting Your Intuition

Why is it most of us lack faith in our intuitive ability when in fact it is a natural ability given to us the day we were born? It is our guiding force in life that leads us to a higher level of knowledge. I question, what’s not to trust? Could it be that someone following their intuition is often thought of as one with special “psychic” abilities? Could the word “psychic” be related to someone you think is “strange” or “weird” or even considered “lost in space” as was the case coined in my ignorance of the word.

We so often ignore our intuition and put our trust in the reasoning mind even when the reasoning mind cannot locate the right answer…for all it knows is stuff from the past or deceitfully worries about things of the future. We must learn to drop what doesn’t serve us and take time out to nurture our spiritual self. We all have the ability to sense what is around the corner if we will just “switch off” and listen, to gain understanding and see more than what is visible to our more familiar senses. Using or developing a better connection with our guiding force will crystallize our thoughts to serve us better in life and help us cope in time of need. We can either “use it or lose it”. What will you choose today?

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1 comment:

Michelle Simtoco said...

Hi Dottie,

I love trusting my intuition. It brought me interesting experiences and discovered friendships along the way. :-)

Michelle (ripplemaker)