Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Minimize Holiday Stress Now

Holiday! Did I say “Holiday”? Heightened states of anxiety are upon us, typically during the months of November and December. This time of season can be full of excitement and promise. Also, with this time of year inevitably comes stress. I could sense it coming on after conning my teenage daughter into going to the bank with me and she in retrospect conned me into going to the Mall with her. Store shelves are already stocked with holiday decorations and yes, the Christmas trees and wreaths are out.

The problem isn’t the holiday season but rather my trigger response to it. In the midst of my negative self-talk I remembered to take heart, that it was possible to restore my personal peace. In the Mall lounging area I gracefully parked myself in a comfortable cushioned chair and with feet resting high upon an ottoman while waiting for my daughter, I gazed amazingly upon the most beautifully clothed Christmas tree, standing so proud and tall, all for my enjoyment. Not an anxious thought could find me.

So, enjoy those small daily pleasures. Expand your awareness. Live in the moment. Be a good person. Help someone out. The holidays are suppose to be a happy time, not an endurance test. Let yourself enjoy the holidays with whatever you have, whoever you’re with, wherever you are. Perhaps it’s that simple to minimize holiday stress now.

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