Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New Website Introduction

Yesterday I stopped by to introduce myself. Today I would like to introduce my new website titled "Grow with Spiritual Discoveries". How this website was thought into existence is somewhat of a mystery to me because of the turn of events leading up to it, but that will make for some good reading at another time. My vision for Spiritual Discoveries is to share a place with others; to learn how to take control of their lives, to discover their own truth and for me to further mine. Supplied with an abundance of information with lots more to come, Spiritual Discoveries will help participants gain self-knowledge and assist them to put that knowledge into action by experimentation, self-observation, and a willingness to change. By taking a leap of faith in trusting in your life and the power that gifted you with it, you will surely find between the pages of Spiritual Discoveries the courage to better understand yourself and learn what living in harmony with the world is all about. Thank you for visiting my new website, Spiritual Discoveries. Dottie

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